Ash clouds can’t stop WPT Season X kicking off

The volcanic clouds of Iceland were once again angry and this meant that a number of flights in Europe were disrupted but this didn’t halt players from turning up for the start of the WPT season X in Barcelona. Even though the city may not be the capital of Spain many people believe that it is the home of casino and poker in Spain and there is no doubt that Catalonia is the place to be if you want to get involved with some of the best poker action.

Barcelona where it all began

The new season kicked off on the 25th of May in the Gran Casino in the city and lasted until the 29th of May. This was the Sunday and in Barcelona, it was the morning after the night before, with many of the residents waking up with a hangover. This was because the major football team in the city won the Champions League.

However, poker players and fans were far more interested in the goings on at the Gran Casino and there was a big finish in store at the end of play at the opening event of the WPT Season X.

Poker winners get younger all the time

One of the major stories of the event was that Lukas Berglund became the youngest ever winner on the WPT tour. The 18 year old may not have graduated from college yet but he certainly displayed the skills and know-how on the poker table that could see him have a great future in the sport. When you think of the long list of established players who have yet to pick up a major honour, it really does emphasise what an achievement this was from Berglund as he picked up a cheque that is worth over 200,000 euros.

At the end of the first day of the event, Berglund was sat just outside the top 10, so there is also a lesson for many players to take from that. Having patience is a virtue in poker and remaining in a tournament has to be the ultimate aim of every poker player. Winning big on the first day is great and no player would hope to lose out but there is always the bigger picture to examine and the first day means nothing more than remaining in the tournament.

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