Bodog getting out of the US market

The Bodog betting site has always managed to stand apart from many of its online peers and a large reason for this is down to the fact that it offers a range of betting on American sports. A lot of online betting sites provide betting opportunities on a number of sports from all around the world but the level of betting that Bodog provided for these areas has been much higher than the majority of bingo sites. This meant that many fans of US sports like football, baseball and basketball have flocked to this site because they feel it provides them with the best offers and the best betting opportunities for this style of sport.

Out of the US by 2012

However, with news that the company has received a remote and non-remote gaming licence, granted by the UK gambling commission, the company has set into the motion the process of removing itself from the United States market before the end of 2012. This is obviously a major step and one that has caused many ructions in the online gaming industry but it is easy to see why so many companies would agree with the steps that have been taken by Bodog with this move.

In brief, this move means that from the end of this year, 31st December 2011, US residents will not be able to gain access to any Bodog branded website. Given the changes and controversies in the United States on-line gaming community, this is definitely a shrewd move by the company and one that should help to safeguard its future. Given the way that a major name like Full Tilt Poker has been cleaned out, no firm is wanting to take too much of a risk when it comes to their online presence and this move by Bodog is likely to be replicated by many other firms if the chance arises. And many firms should be actively looking at ways to ensure that this chance does arise before it becomes too late for them to do anything about it.

Taxes are never fun

Bodog may be saddled with the fact that they will have to pay money to the UK taxman after this move but in the long run, it is definitely a move that makes perfect sense and one that should see the company progressing forward and making more inroads into the online gaming scene. There is no doubt that Bodog has a product that is markedly different from a great number of online gaming companies and this move should help to consolidate the position of the firm in a highly competitive industry.

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