Party Poker Review

Everyone loves a party and when it comes to the online gaming community, the Party range of sites has definitely brought a lot of fun and enjoyment to people all over the years. There are a wide range of options under the Party banner, which is of benefit to players who are looking for sites that provides a strong reputation. It is always best to keep your options open with regards to online gaming sites but the strength in depth of the Party brand indicates that this is one that can be trusted.

This means that the Party Poker site is a great option for poker lovers and one that can be sued with a great deal of confidence. If you have experience of any of the other Party sites, the poker site will feel instantly recognisable and you should be up to speed in no time at all.

The Party Poker site has a close link to the WPT so there are always plenty of satellite events and the chance to take on the big poker names that are affiliated with that organisation. This is a great boost for people who like the WPT but want to spread their poker playing time around a variety of different sites.

Party Poker Promotions

The welcome bonus is a straightforward 100% bonus which goes up to £500, which is reasonable enough for the majority of poker players and should give your bankroll a push in the right direction. Anything which gives people more money to play and evaluate a site at the start has to be considered a good option and will likely encourage more people to join up.

Aside from that, the Party Poker site provides a strong yet familiar range of promotions which are becomingly increasingly common across a number of poker sites. This may dampen the level of competition but anything that provides a level of conformity means that everyone should be able to get a reasonable bonus and incentive to play.

Party Poker Tournaments

Working your way through the scheduled tournaments and games list for a single day can take a bit of time so there are plenty of gaming options available at the Party Poker site. This is probably the most important thing for many poker players as there is no guarantee when they will be able to get online and play so having a lot of games at different times is essential. The Party Poker site definitely scores highly in this regard, making it an ideal choice for those players who play when they can.

All the standard poker options are available on site so whatever type of poker game is your favourite or provides your best chance of winning, you will be able to find it at the Party Poker site.


Most people love a party and it is fair to say that Party Poker has the ability to make most people feel good. The site is extremely easy to navigate and provides a wide enough variety to keep even the fussiest of poker players happy with the options.