Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker provides a poker twist

Although Caribbean Poker is a poker game, it is not like many of the more commonly played poker games in a casino. This is because Caribbean Poker is not played against fellow players it is played against the banker. This is a benefit for some players whereas other players will find it a hindrance so it is important for each individual to consider the game according to their talents. There is no ability to bluff in Caribbean Poker so if this is a talent that players like to bring to the table, it may be best if they focus on other games.

However, it should be remembered that many poker players do not like the element of bluffing or counteracting other people’s nature and these people will be encouraged by the nature of Caribbean Poker. The origins of this poker variant are shrouded in doubt and debate but even though no one can fully lay claim to inventing or originating the game, it is viewed as a popular game in many casinos.

More casinos are offering this poker variant now

It is favoured by many casinos because it is a great way of encouraging more poker players to the table and it is also a game where the house invariably has the edge. This of course, is not unusual in a poker game but many find that they lose more often than they win in Caribbean Poker but this may represent a challenge to a number of poker players.

Every game of Caribbean Poker will begin with a player placing their ante on the table and then receiving five cards from the dealer, who will also allocate five cards to themselves. These cards will be placed face down at which point the dealer will turn over one of their cards and push this in the direction of the player. At this point, the player is able to look at their own cards and make a judgment on what they should do.

Play or fold are the main options

The two main options are centred upon whether they should play or whether they should fold. A player that elects to play, will place their bets, usually twice the level of the initial ante and a player that elects to fold will forfeit the ante they placed at the start. Once every player has announced their decision, the dealer will unveil the hole cards.

The dealer will only play with an Ace/King or higher and then this hand will be compared to the player’s hands, with hands stronger than the dealers qualifying hand being declared a winner.

Each individual game of Caribbean Poker may have its unique take on these rules, which means it is worthwhile perusing the full rules before starting to play but this is the general overview of the game. It is not a poker game that appeals to everyone but unsurprisingly, there are many people who greatly appreciate this style of game and who make Caribbean Poker their number one choice when it comes to casino poker games. It may not be found in every online casino but it is becoming increasingly popular, which should ensure its availability rises.