About Us

Real Gambling is a news source that delivers top quality news and previews of the biggest gambling and sports betting events that are happening right now… or in the very near future! With so many online casinos, poker rooms, bingo sites and bookmakers to choose from, life can be tough for a gaming fan but that is where we are here to help you.

We provide in-depth reviews of these sites, provided from the viewpoint of people who pay and play, providing you with an honest opinion. If you want to know what are the sites that the best for gamers and gamblers, you ask the real gamblers and gamers.

This is the place to stay informed with the latest sports news, reviews and the vital information about which site is offering the best deal for you. You don’t want to waste time looking around for the best deal, you want to get into the heart of the action and this is the aim of Real Gambling.

Meet some of the team who provide the insight into the gaming industry:

Giorgio Marrale

If you are looking for a quality writer on a gambling site, you need someone that knows poker inside out and this is what Giorgio brings to the team. That would be reason enough for having him as part of the gang but his love of basketball takes it up a notch; he has definitely scores a few three pointers when it comes to scoring articles.

Giorgio spent a number of years in Washington DC in the United States where as well as becoming fluent in English; he developed a wider love of American sports and online poker. If there is anything major going on in the world of casinos, sports and online poker, Giorgio has got it covered.

Andrew Reilly

You may think you know a lot about the typical Scotsman but Andrew doesn’t fit that stereotype. For one, he doesn’t mind buying a round at the bar and he only wears the kilt at weddings! He isn’t the most serious of people but he is unbelievably serious about football (or soccer as the Americans call it) and Andrew has been responsible for all of our Champions League and Premier League updates…as well as any other sporting story that takes his fancy.

In addition to this, he keeps his eyes down to keep us up to date with all the latest bingo news and the full house at the Real Gambling team are delighted to have him around!

Several Freelance Authors

Of course, there is far too much going on in the gaming and gambling world to leave it in the hands of these two talented writers so we often feature the views and news from a selection of freelance writers. You may think that our writing team is a little male centric but with Elizabeth and Melissa on board as regular freelancers, this is not the case. If you stick around the site, you’ll see the quality of their contribution, proving once again that the girls have got the matching of the boys when it comes to sports.

So that is some of the team at Real Gambling, why not get involved and get ready for action with us!