Roulette games provide plenty of betting options

There is something very stylish about the roulette table and when many people think of casino games, this is the one that instantly springs to mind, the image of roulette has been bolstered by many Hollywood blockbusters and TV series marking it out as a game where dreams can be made and as the game that high society plays. This has helped the game of roulette to become the first choice for many people in casinos but there is also simplicity at the heart of the game.

With the roulette wheel spinning one way and the ball spinning the other, predicting where the ball will stop is a game of chance but with so many different bets to place, roulette is an extremely exciting game for players.

Do you prefer European or American roulette?

It probably comes as no surprise to most people but our American friends like to do things a little bit differently and this also the case with roulette. Many online casino sites provide players with the opportunity to play the standard European roulette and the American version. The key difference of the American version of roulette comes with the fact that there is a double zero (00) slot on the wheel. This naturally gives the house the bigger edge.

The bets in roulette can be split into inside and outside bets; with the outside bets have better odds of winning.

Inside or outside?

Some of the inside bets that people can place include a straight-up bet, where the bet is placed on which number the ball will stop on. A split bet is when chips are placed on the line between two numbers that are adjoined on the table (vertically or horizontally). A street bet occurs when a bet is placed on three numbers which are located on an individual horizontal line.

It is also possible to place a corner bet, which covers the likelihood of the ball landing on one of four numbers (found in a square layout on the roulette table) or indeed a double street, where a bet is placed on two street bets that are adjoined.

These are the more complicated bets of roulette, which come up less frequently, and it is more likely that players will place one of the following outside bets.

The simplest bets you can place on a roulette table will be red or black or the odd or even bets. These are the best most commonly associated with the roulette table and should allow players to get involved, even if their knowledge of gaming is limited. Similarly, placing a bet on 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, betting on which number the ball will land in, is another popular bet for roulette players.

Similar bets allow players to bet on which dozen the ball in (1-12, 13-124 or 25-36) or a column bet, based upon the vertical lines of a roulette table.

It is the variation of bets available to choose from with roulette that keeps players coming back for more and should provide even the most novice of players to find a bet they are comfortable with.