Poker Games

Poker games are more popular than ever

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades, you won’t have failed to notice how popular poker has become with regards to a mainstream audience. The game has always held a strong appeal and has many aficionados across the globe but thanks to mainstream media interest, poker has exploded into people’s consciousness. This means the game is now one of the most popular forms of online gaming and if you can’t find an online poker site that you like, you must be doing something wrong!

There will always be players who say that poker is a lucky game but it appears that those who understand the game, can look at the big picture, can manage their bankroll and are able to consistently make correct decisions are the luckiest poker players of all time.

Texas Hold ‘Em

Even though there are many great poker games to choose from, there is always likely to be one that stands out above the rest and this is undoubtedly Texas Hold ‘Em. Up until the television and internet focus on poker, 7 Card Stud was the card game that featured most in casinos but now, Texas Hold ‘Em is the clear leader for many poker players.

At the heart of Texas Hold ‘Em, and therefore at the heart of poker itself for many players, is the idea that the war is evidently bigger than the battle. It is possible to win many hands in Texas hold ‘Em poker but still walk away with nothing in a short space of time and conversely, it is possible to suffer a number of losses but be deemed to be a big winner.

Omaha games

Omaha is similar to Texas Hold ‘Em but any player familiar with the rules of one will need to alter their style of play before transferring to the other. This is good in that it provides a little bit of variety for poker players and gives more players a chance of developing skills in a specialist area. When settling down to play Omaha games, the player will find that they receive four hold cards instead of two and there are a number of minor rules to contend with as well.

Other poker games

Although Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha games are the most popular forms of poker play for many players, there are other games which can also entice players online.

Seven Card Stud (and the variations of the game) were the clear favourite for poker players a few decades ago and unsurprisingly, many players still choose this style of poker play. 5 Card Draw is also a popular game and one that reminds many people of playing poker at home with friends or family members. This means it is often a relaxed choice for many poker players and a popular choice for the more casual online poker player.

If you do have a strong talent for more than one poker game, indulging in a game of HORSE may be the best option for you, as this provides the opportunity to showcase your skills in a number of poker games.