Is it time for Arsene to go?


No matter what league you are in, being on the end of an 8-2 defeat is a rather humiliating score line and serious questions would be asked of the team. Some teams would just accept that they were outclassed by superior opposition but some teams really need to question the manner of the defeat. There is no doubt that Arsenal Football Club should be examining this defeat very closely as there is no way should they be losing a top flight league match by this score line. It doesn’t matter that Arsenal were depleted or that United have started the season in great form, it was an abysmal result.

Has the midas touch gone?

Many Arsenal fans are now starting to wake up to the fact that Arsene Wenger may have lost his Midas touch and this squad needs overhauled badly. Yes Arsenal have played fantastic football in recent years and the club have worked hard on ensuring that the financial side of the club has been in good shape but the on field results have badly dipped. The 8-2 score line was horrendous in its own right but the fact that Arsenal have only won two league matches since the end of February has to be of huge concern. A manager at the bottom of the league would be fearful for their future with that sort of run so surely it is only right that Arsene Wenger needs to answer criticism about his team’s form.

It’s hard to lose big players

He has certainly been hindered by the loss of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, two players who wanted to leave Arsenal. However, that is the issue, both of these players were clear in their intention to leave the club so they should have been shipped out earlier to allow replacements to be brought in. There was no need to leave the finding of replacements for these two key players to the final days of the transfer window. Arsene Wenger has also been let down by inconsistency from big signings like Arshavin, Rosicky and van Persie, who missed a penalty in the 8-2 drubbing at Old Trafford.

Defenders needed

However, the biggest problems that Arsenal have comes with the lack of solid defenders and midfield ball winners in their squad. Injury to Vermaelen has robbed Arsenal of a commanding centre back but there have been opportunities to bring other players in but the club haven’t taken these chances. A £6m bid for Gary Cahill from Bolton was labelled derisory and most observers would agree with that opinion.

Arsene will still be given time, the Arsenal board don’t seem too keen to act in any way but it may be that darker times are around the corner for the club who will certainly struggle to be a top 4 team this season.

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