Keno Strategy

There really is not much to be said about strategy when it comes to the game of keno. Being a game of pure luck, the numbers you pick do not play a role in whether you win or lose, but as in any casino game, there are of course things you can do to make for a better game. First of all, you need to know that there is not any strategy that will significantly increase your chances of winning. Realizing this, you should wear your lucky shoes or bring your lucky pendant, because luck is the only thing that can make a difference.

Starting off, you have the ticket in front of you and probably wondering to yourself how to play it so that this time you hit the jackpot. If there were a way to do that, everyone would be winning the lottery more than once in his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, luck is your best friend in this game of chance.

So, how do you play the game to give yourself the best chances? Well, money management is a very big issue when it comes to gambling, and keno is no exception. How you manage your money is a critical factor in a good keno strategy, because that is what allows you to play. Keno is a fairly safe game, as the risks of falling into debt are not normally that high because usually, you are wagering only small amounts each time; managing your money should still be a top priority though.

With the various ways to play the game, it is easy for all the bets to add up to a high amount. Although, normally Keno is not a very expensive game to play, with most limits being around $1 or $2, it can end up costing more than a person can afford to lose.

Keno players have to make the decision when they start to play, between choosing a small number of numbers, and choosing a large number of numbers. It is important to notice that the odds have to change with the number of numbers the player picks If you pick just two numbers, is there not a better chance of hitting 100% of those numbers than if you had picked 10? In actuality yes, but as payouts fluctuate with the number of numbers picked, the casinos compensate for any weak mathematics. You do not get paid nearly as well for hitting all of your 3 numbers, as you would had if you hit all of your 10 numbers.

Keno really is not for gamblers who like to win a bit at a time and build up their winnings, but rather for the players seeking some entertainment, and hoping to get lucky and strike it rich in one bet. If you are looking for a more consistent (but smaller wins) moneymaker, I would suggest blackjack or craps. Sure enough, the games that have the highest house edge are usually the most amusing because they offer more action for you dollar, but less frequent chances for a win.