Video Poker Strategy

Even though there are many types of video poker games, many of the same strategies can be used for all of them. By following some of the basic tips below, you should see an improvement in your playing.

Hands to Hold Onto

There are some specific card sequences that are not a good idea to split up, like a full house. Keep a straight over drawing a straight flush and, although you can draw one to a straight flush, don’t break a flush. Unless you can draw one card to make a royal, hold onto a five-card pat hand that is a winner.

Cards to Get Rid Of

Your hand will be improved by getting rid of certain cards. If you have a pair, get rid of a kicker. This way, your return will not be reduced by five per cent. If you can draw to a royal, it’s okay to break a flush. Last but not least, don’t keep a ten in your hand for a four-card draw.

Smart Draws

The following are times when it is wise to draw. If you are holding at least two or three honors of different suits, it’s smart to draw three cards.

Draw one card to a royal flush, except if you are holding a straight flush. Don’t draw a fourth card if you can make the hand by only drawing three cards to a royal flush. Don’t draw five when you have a jack or a better card in your hand, but draw when you have a three-card straight flush or a low pair.