Amsterdam madness for bingo worker

The appeal and attraction of Amsterdam is very well known to a lot of people and it is easy to see why a lot of people try to save up to take a trip to the fine Dutch city. One of the great things about Amsterdam is that there is something for everyone in the city, regardless of the age or cultural background of the person. The city is fantastic to look at and it has a number of huge historical sights and locations. It is easy to get around many find the local people to be very friendly. All of this means if you are looking for a relaxing city break, Amsterdam can be a tremendous choice.

There is also the appeal of the red light district and the coffee shop culture which draws many people to Amsterdam, which is likely to have been the case with bingo hall treasurer Liam Knights. Knights was working in a Yorkshire Gala Bingo hall in a position of responsibility and it seems that the temptation was too much for him.

No attempt to hide the guilt

Knights took £24,000 at the end of a shift when cashing up, even being seen on CCTV footage writing a note explaining that he took the money. This indicates that Knights clearly knew he was in the wrong but it didn’t halt his progress and he and his friend, Leon Jones, were soon on their way to Amsterdam.

It was no doubt a mayhem filled trip

This amount of money is clearly a huge sum of cash, it is more than the annual wage for a great number of people but it was to fuel a hedonistic jaunt in Amsterdam, paying for hotels, cannabis and who knows what else the pair sampled while in Amsterdam. After a while it appeared that a sense of guilt started to overtake the pair, some observers would say a sense of paranoia perhaps related to the amount of cannabis the pair had consumed on their trip, and they tried to give themselves up to Dutch police.

While it is better to admit guilt at some point than never admit it at all, it was still far too late for the pair to finally come to their sense. The Dutch police did not want anything to do with the situation but upon landing back in the United Kingdom, the pair were arrested. Knights was handed a suspended sentence in a Young Offenders institution and was also sentenced to unpaid community service. Many in the local community felt the punishment fell way short of what was deserved for the crime they committed.

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