Are females flocking to online casinos?

If you were to picture the stereotypical casino player, it may be that you have a man in mind. After all, the vast majority of TV shows and films will feature men playing casino games and if there are any women present, they are presented as mere eye candy or as a provider of good luck before a major role. There has been an air of sexism about the casino industry over the years but the industry has worked hard to battle against it. Also, the advent of online gaming has improved the likelihood of people getting online playing so you can see why there are more opportunities for females to play casino games.

The media portrayal hasn’t helped women get into casino games

Some women will choose not to go to a casino purely because of the way they have been portrayed in the media. This is not a true representation of casinos but it is easy to see how people can form this impression. Times are changing though and a recent survey of over 2,000 participants perhaps suggests that women are taking a greater interest in the online casino option.

A big and surprising response to the question of what women like to do

A massive 84% of the women questioned in the poll said that they held a preference to playing online games when compared to shopping or going for a workout session in the gym. This may seem a little far-fetched but the fact that casino games can be played from the comfort of your own home with a snack or glass of wine by your side may make it a far more attractive option for many players. Then again, female players can enjoy online shopping from the comfort of their own home as well.

The opportunity go online and hone casino skills is also something that will appeal to many female players, allowing them to be more knowledgeable about the games before they enter a genuine casino hall. Some people have a lack of confidence in entering a casino but the skills and tips picked up online could make a massive difference to how a woman feels about herself and the casino hall in general. Playing casino games online may be the first step in the process where women start to visit the casino as regularly as their male counterparts do.

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