Ben Wilinofsky triumphs in Berlin

The European Poker Tour is one of the most prestigious tours in the world of Poker and this ensured that there was a lot of interest in the EPT Berlin tournament. In the end, the winner was a 22 year old man from Canada, who picked up his first money finish in quite the spectacular fashion. Ben Wilinofsky managed to hold his nerve as all around were losing their and this led to the younger taking away a cash prize of €825,000.

A big May lies in store for Wilinofsky

Not only that but Ben Wilinofsky will also be at the EPT Grand Final and then the EPT Champion of Championships in May. If the youngster never had plans for next month, he has ensured that his calendar will be pretty full. The joy of winning such a great cash prize and the thrill of beating his opponents is worth celebrating but you can bet that Ben will be delighted with his EPT bracelet.

The bracelet was created by Shambala Jewels, who know a lot about bling and a bracelet is the true mark of a champion when it comes to poker tournaments. Only so many players in the world have earned the right to one of these beauties and you can expect to see it on the wrist of Wilinofsky for many years to come.

NeverscaredB didn’t look scared on his big day

A player that has the online moniker of “NeverscaredB” would be expected to stay calm under pressure but even Ben must have felt his heart racing at times during the final event, although he did manage to stay on top and eventually pull through.

The EPT continues before it reaches its seasonal climax and the next event is in San Remo. The Italian stop-off on the tour begins on the 27th of April and concludes on the 3rd of May. There are already a number of satellite events running which means there will be many online players with dreams of emulating Wilinofsky when the next tour event rolls around.

Keep the dreams alive

It will be a tall order but poker players know that a little belief can go a long way and that you have to be in it to win it. Who knows, there may be one lucky person playing online who gets the opportunity to square off against Wilinofsky and all those EPT Champions at the big event.

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