Bet365 Poker closes its Australian venture

Bet365 is one of the major names in the UK gaming industry but it is no surprise to learn that they have sites all around the world. There is a definite need for the major players in this market to have a global presence and being able to offer a more local feel to a website can make a big difference in bringing in new punters across the world. The firm will likely stick to the main template across their sites as it is good to have uniformity in the brand but there will be the ability to tailor each site to the needs and demands of an individual market.

Just a temporary measure

Bet365 has been involved in the Australian market for a considerable time now but it seems that the company is preparing itself to move out of the poker market, although perhaps just on a short term basis. The company has taken the steps this week of closing down its Australian poker site but this has been done in advance of the company aiming to obtain a sports book licence for Australia. Members of the existing Bet365 Poker site will have received this email outlining what the closure means to them.

“We’re in the process of applying for a sports betting licence in Australia. As part of our preparations for this, we regret to inform you that our Casino, Poker, Games and Bingo sites will no longer be available from week commencing 22nd August.

“Any funds currently in your Casino, Poker, Games and Bingo balances will be transferred to your Sports balance. Our Sports site will continue to work as normal. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Big trouble ahead for Bet365?

The fact that the sports site is continuing has raised a few eyebrows as some observers and analysts are indicating that this is against the law, which could cause further problems for the Bet365 group. This is due to the act that the company are providing a prohibited service within the terms of their agreement and the company could be liable of a fine up to $1.1m (AUSD) a day. This is a remarkable sum and you would like to think that the Australian team behind Bet365 would have weighed ip the potential risks before making their decision. If not, some board room meetings at the company could be rather interesting in the near future!

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