75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo may be new to you

Although bingo is a simple game that is enjoyed all over the world, not everyone plays the same game around the world. If your experiences of playing bingo have been shaped in the United States of America or Canada, the game of bingo that you will be familiar with will be 75 ball bingo.

This game features five vertical rows and five horizontal rows and will usually feature the word B-I-N-G-O spelled out on top of the card. The game gets the name of 75 ball bingo because this is the maximum amount of numbers that are able to be called out during the game.

The layout of the card is in a 5×5 grid shape but will only feature 24 spaces filled with numbers and one space left blank. Each letter at the top of the card represents a column and numbers will be randomly assigned to the columns under each letter. The relevance of this becomes evident when the balls are called out.

Numbers and letters can be fun

The first column, which has the letter B at the top, will have five numbers assigned to it and these numbers will range between 1 and 15. In the second column, column, I, numbers between 16 and 30 are allocated. This continues along the card for the rest of the numbers and letters all the way up to the last column, column O. In this column, the numbers rank between 61 and 75.

These numbers are called out with respect to their column and number, hence why examples could include B3, N44 or O68.

Make sure you know the winning pattern

As each number and column is called out, the players will mark off the numbers on their card and the aim of the game is to mark all of the numbers off in a pre-determined pattern. There are many different patterns that can be selected when playing a game of bingo so it is important to pay attention and be aware of the pattern that is being used in this particular game. If you have been successful in signing off the numbers in a pattern, be sure to clearly shout out bingo.

If you are playing online, there is no requirement to shout out bingo but many players will find that they do so as they get caught up in the action and excitement of the game.

Some of the more popular patterns available to choose from playing the 75 ball bingo game includes: single lines, diagonal lines, a square, a representation of the number 8, letters like E, O or F and many more. There is also the coverall game where every number must be marked off before a winner is declared.

When compared to 80 or 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo has an edge because it moves at a much faster pace, which is important to many people. Whether you have little time for playing too many games or you just like the fast pace and excitement, 75 ball bingo has a lot to offer.