90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is the British way

When people refer to bingo as being a quintessentially British thing and as traditional as fish and chips or tea and scones, they are inevitably referring to the 90 ball bingo game. This is the bingo game that was played in bingo halls up and down the country, making it one of the most popular games played by British people. It is inevitable that many people will still refer to this as their main choice when playing online bingo but this is not just out of habit. Yes, many people dislike change and prefer to stick with what they know but when it comes to bingo, there is a lot of fun offered by the 90 ball bingo game.

The 90 ball bingo game, which is also the traditional choice in Europe, Australia and South America is played out on a 9×3 card. Each line on the card will have a total of five numbers, meaning that a player has 15 numbers in total on their card.

Three chances to win

One of the reasons why 90 ball bingo is popular is the fact that the game is played out in 3 different stages. This adds a better sense of value to each game because if you do not win the first option, there is the chance to win the next two games. Just because you are lagging behind early on, there is no reason to feel despondent because a quick run of numbers can quickly fill in a lot of blanks and push you back into contention for later prizes. This means that there is always the sense of hope, which is essential for most bingo players.

The first stage in a 90 ball bingo game is inevitably a one line game, where players are looking to cross out one horizontal line on their card. Getting a prize for only five numbers means that if the luck is with you, you can be a winner in next to no time at all. The game progresses with a two line game providing a prize for having two complete lines filled in on your card.

Eyes down for a full house

After this, it is eyes down for the full house with players looking to have every number on their card filled in. In the online bingo community, this is sometimes referred to as the coverall game, because you have to cover all the numbers on your card. That terminology makes perfect sense and should ensure that there is a lot of drama and tension. Virtually every 90 ball bingo player has a story of how they were only waiting on one number to take the big prize. The full house or coverall prize will always be the biggest prize of the game.

Even though there are many things which Britain struggles with, there are still many things that the nation does very well, with bingo being one of them and 90 ball bingo is at the heart of British bingo. It is also at the heart of bingo in countries all around the world but keep that quiet depending on who you are talking to!