Boston Celtics man doing well at poker tournament

Boston Celtics Man Doing Well At Poker Tournament

It probably isn’t a surprise to learn that athletes are able to excel at other sporting disciplines as well. There is quite often a mental toughness that lends itself well to exceeding at certain sports and if you are good at one, you may well be good at others. Even if the sports themselves are not automatically linked, there is a chance that success will follow. There is also the fact that many sportsmen and women find that they have a lot of down time between training and matches. This means they have plenty of opportunity to hone their skills.

Time to kill can breed poker skills

One of the most popular games will be poker because it is so easy to play anywhere. If you are on a plane, train or bus travelling between games, you are likely going to have a few hours to kill. What could be better than a friendly game of cards with your team-mates and this means that many top flight professionals are also pretty good when it comes to playing poker. If you are looking for a current example of this, Boston Celtic’s Paul Pierce is doing rather well form himself when it comes to the WSOP main event.

Paul Pierce has the skills

Even though there are thousands of players involved in the game, Pierce is hanging on in there and is starting to draw attention to himself by his style of play. He was already drawing attention with his green and white hooped socks and of course, his NBA ring but now that the competition is being whittled down, Pierce is starting to stand out from the field. An NBA ring is something that most people would kill for but you can bet that Pierce is fully focused on getting a WSOP bracelet from this event. Sports stars love their bling and jewellery is often found dangling from them. However, when the bling is earned by being better than the rest, it is definitely something to be proud of.

This is definitely the situation that Pierce finds himself in as the competition at the WSOP main event heats up. Nearing the end of Sunday’s play, Pierce had 70,000 chips in his stack, a stack that was above average in size. A good whack of chips can fall away in no time but given his level of performance to this point, things were definitely looking okay for the Boston man.

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