Bracelet the key issue for Barbaro

When it comes to poker, no one is going to lie and say that the money is unimportant and poker players entering a tournament will do so to win or at least finish as high as they possibly can.  A high placing will usually bring a great deal of money for a poker player but for many players, that is not the most important issue. Having enough money to pay the bills and ensure everyday life runs smoothly is obviously the key factor but beyond that, focus starts to turn towards the other things in life and money isn’t always the greatest achievement.

Big cash prize and bracelet is a great prize for any poker player

This was the attitude being displayed by Franesco ‘Cheech’ Barbaro after he won at the WSOP Limit Omaha Hi-Lo split event. Walking away with over $260,000 is a fantastic achievement but for Barbora, the real prize came with the bracelet and the satisfaction of being the best in a big tournament. After all, with 925 people in the competition, a player can take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in coming out on top of that pile and no matter what happens, Barbaro will always be listed as a winner at a major WSOP event. Writing your name into the record books is something that most poker players dream of so being able to do this so early in the season could well be the springboard for a great year ahead for Barbaro.

Barbaro has been a pro for two years

Barbaro is a professional poker player, hailing from Chicago, Illinois so it is not as if the money isn’t useful but it will give him a great deal of confidence in future tournaments and match-ups. After all, if you have overcome nearly 1,000 players in one tournament, there is no reason why you can’t do it all again. Given that the 37 year old poker player, who has been a full-time player for the past two years, recently won a HORSE event at a WSOP circuit stop in Illinois, it can be easy to see that the confidence earned from that win spurred him on to his latest and so far greatest triumph. Every good poker player will tell you that a lot of things and factors can impact on the success of a player but confidence is definitely one of them. Barbaro will find himself in a better place entering into future tournaments because he knows what it takes to win.

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