Brighton looks set for a new casino

Residents of Brighton have been waking up to the news that their local council licensing committee has approved a £6m scheme for a 24 hour G Casino to be opened up in the New Brighton Marine Development. The casino will be run by the Grosvenor group and even though the planning application was opposed by the Wirral Churches Together group, the licence was granted fairly quickly.

In addition to the casino, there will be entertainment available from the new development, providing another outlet for the local citizens to come out and party, The New Brighton Marine Development has helped transform the region and the introduction of a casino is likely to boost its popularity even further.

A casino will always meet opposition

No matter where a casino venture tries to open up, there will always be opposition from local residents. Sometimes the opposition relates to the building space that is being taken over but usually it falls on the noise, the mess or the fact that gambling will likely turn the whole area into a mass den of sin. Most people have an opinion on gambling but there are many false or skewed opinions about casinos and on the people who visit them.

24 hour party people

The idea of a 24 hour licence will send many people into a fit of rage but the reality is that the vast majority of people will be using the venue at reasonable hours and leaving quietly. After all, if you intend to use the casino on a regular basis, there is not much point in getting really drunk and thrown out is there? However, some people will always be opposed to gaming and casinos in general so it just has to be accepted.

However, with the planning permission green light having been granted, it is fair to say that plans are moving swiftly on and Brighton may be hosting a brand new casino before too long. When looking at the plans, the opposition never spend too much deliberating over the jobs boost the plan will bring to the area. The development and construction of the site brings jobs to the area and then there will need to be staff to work in the casino. It is quick to moan about the society we live in and how there is not a lot of hope for people but when the chance of jobs coming along to an area, should the plan be argued against so strongly?

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