Can a sexy approach save casinos money?

Everyone knows the old adage that sex sells and it is easy to see that many marketing companies still live by this rule in their promotional campaigns and activities. Even if a product looks dull or interesting, it can suddenly be transformed into a major product by having some great looking women or finely chiselled men draped over the product. Even though most people are well aware of these tactics, it is still a tactic that works time after time and will continue to be used for as long as people have natural urges!

One casino has provided a unique twist on affairs though

The Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City is still reeling from two massive losses they have suffered at the blackjack table in recent times. The term massive loss can mean a lot of things but the fact that these winnings have been described as the two biggest wins in gambling history; it is easy to see why the company has sat up and taken notice. The casino ended up making a loss on blackjack for the first time ever in its existence, which probably goes some way to indicating how much of a financial hit they took. $11m to two players at the blackjack table is a phenomenal amount but the casino is unveiling new dealers that they hope will reduce the chances of players winning such big sums.

Can basques and suspenders distract a winner?

The company has decided to hire attractive female dealers, who will be dressed in basques and suspenders, in the hope that this will distract the army of players who try their luck at the blackjack table. On first reading, this seems like a strange tactic because surely this will only distract some people at the table. Gay men, straight women, people who are attracted to women but not necessarily attracted to that type of women and people who are more interested in winning blackjack as opposed to looking at a pretty female will surely retain their focus at the table?

You get the feeling that the company are keen to recoup their money and plan to do this by having more people visit their blackjack tables. After all, if you like women and have the option of playing at blackjack table hosted by an attractive female and one that isn’t, it is only human nature to choose the table with the lady you are attracted to. The casino can dress up their new tactic any way they like but there is definitely a touch of the old school marketing approach to this move.

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