Can Cesc Fabregas just move already?

It is British Summer Time so you know that the papers are full of stories about Cesc Fabregas moving from Arsenal to Barcelona? The move seems one that benefits all parties so why doesn’t it just happen? Barcelona will benefit from bringing Fabregas into the team and bleeding him to be the star man after a few years and the player himself will enjoy the move.

He will be going to a team who have a chance of winning trophies and he will be going home. The contractual laws in Spain and England are different which allowed Arsenal to step in and tie Fabregas up and the youngster repaid them for their faith in him. Make no mistake, Cesc Fabregas has been a fantastic player during his time at Arsenal but most people can see that this time is coming to an end. Okay, Arsene Wenger can’t see it but when can he ever see something that goes aga9inst his team?

For the good of his career, Cesc needs to go

The thing is, Fabregas is not the player he once was in an Arsenal jersey and it is fairly apparent that he no longer wants to be at the club. Injuries have blighted him in the past year or two, another massive reason to move him out of the club, but Fabregas is no longer the inspiration at the Emirates Stadium that he once was.

Mind you, this has as much to do with the downward spiral that Arsenal have been on and the fact that Arsene Wenger seems incapable of pulling the team back up the league. In fact, the longer this malaise continues, the more likely that Arsenal will continue to tumble down and many fans can see the club slipping out of the fabled top 4 teams this campaign. Liverpool have spent big this year, if perhaps not wisely, whereas Arsene Wenger has spent most of his time fire fighting and trying to keep his players.

Big name players but they haven’t been winners

There is an argument that would say that Wenger should get shot of Arshavin, Nasri and even Fabregas and invest the money into new players. A goalkeeper and commanding centre half have been desperately needed at the Emirates for a long time now but Wenger has never managed to find a solution to fit these problems. The goal keeping position has been a terrible weakness of the manager and one that doesn’t look to have been solved this season either.

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