Casino could boost local jobs market

Although there is no doubt that online casinos have been encouraging a lot more people to develop an interest in casino games, there is no doubt that there is still a thrill of going to an actual casino. The online casinos are getting much better at replicating the thrill and excitement of playing the games but there is still a bit to go to ensure that the social interaction of a physical casino comes across strongly online. Over time this will definitely come but it is easy to see why some players prefer the spirit and atmosphere of a physical casino hall.

A lot of people are quick to talk about the negative aspects of casino halls but it has to be said they can do a lot of good for the community as well. There are currently plans to open up a major casino near Coventry which would bring over 1,000 jobs to the area. Given the current economic climate, this would be an excellent amount of jobs to bring to an area that has often suffered through unemployment and could provide a much needed shot in the arm for the local economy.

There is a bigger picture involved

There are many aspects to take care of before the deal can be concluded but there will be many in the Solihull area who hope that the local council are able to view the bigger picture with these plans.

The casino has been floated by the NEC Group who in partnership with the Genting Casinos group are looking to bring a £120m leisure and entertainment complex to the region. The biggest stumbling block may come in the form of the need to acquire a large casino licence but this is something that the casino has to decide upon.

Elections may be key to the hopes of planners

There will be a delay to this process due to that fact that elections are due to be held in the beginning of May and no council would wish to decide upon the fate of the casino until after that event. The casino is likely to be a major talking point in the build-up to the elections with those for and against the venture likely to have an interest in what the potential candidates have to say about the matter.

As well as bring a casino to the area, the complex will include a spa, a hotel, a conference centre, bars, retail units and even a multi-screen cinema. There is likely to be a lot of benefit brought to the local region by this potential development and it could help many in the local region to find work.

If planning permission or a licence is denied, the residents of Solihull will always be able to turn to online casino playing to enjoy the games but there is a genuine opportunity for change to happen with this development. Finding work is difficult for many but with the potential for 1,000 jobs; a new casino could bring life to the greater Coventry region.

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