Casino opening turns out to be too popular

Whenever a new casino is launched, there is always a hope of the owner that it goes well. This means getting a lot of publicity and hopefully a lot of people through the doors on opening day. This usually requires a lot of publicity and promotion in the lead up to the opening day but in this regard, it appears that the success of the event was a bit too much for all concerned.

Demand is always high

Even though Illinois had 9 casinos already, the attempts to open a new one met with difficulties over a number of years. Casinos can often face legal battles and regulatory fights before they are presented with a gambling licence and this means that the anticipation can reach scarily high levels when it comes to gamers and gamblers wanting in on the action.

So many people turned up at the opening event of the Play Rivers casino in Des Plaines that the casino had to send out a message requesting people to stay away from the casino. The casino was deemed to be at capacity level and there were massive traffic tail backs on the streets leading to the casino. This meant that the police were involved as they tried to manoeuvre the traffic to other streets to alleviate some of the pressure on the road.

Was it a standard issue that caused traffic problems?

The police officers cited problems with local parking lots as adding to the pressure that the increased demand caused on the area and this would not be a problem in the future. There is no doubt that the impact on the local community would have been considered when planning a casino but sometimes it can be difficult to foresee certain issues occurring.

This may seem like its annoying but there is no doubt that this is the sort of publicity that will do no harm in the long run and will probably have a lot of people lining up to get a membership at the club. The opening day event of this sort of casino is always going to be a massive event and the following days and weeks will see the numbers of attendees drop off but this publicity should help to keep the numbers vibrant for the foreseeable future. Even though there are plenty of casinos to choose from in Illinois, it never hurts to have new options to explore and use!

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