Casino project brings 100 jobs to area

When it comes to casino projects opening up in an area, it is still far too easy to focus on the negative aspects and think about the disruption. If you stay close to the casino, it can be easy to consider that the amount of people who will be coming by your house at all hours making noise may increase but this isn’t the only thing that should be on your mind. The current economic state of the country is poor and anything which can bring jobs and money to a local area has to be considered as a positive thing.

Jobs are what people need!

This means that a casino project which has promised to bring 100 jobs to a local area has to be of value. The people who get these jobs will be better off and the local economy will be boosted by the money that is being spent by these people. Local taxi cab operators are likely to get a boost from people using their services as are local food outlets and perhaps local pubs. A new project like a casino can bring about a great number of benefits to an area but it is always far too easy for some people to focus on the negative aspects of something like this.

This is not a rank idea

The G Casino is coming to Stockton and even though there is confusion over the long term future of the Rank Group, the fact that they are still ploughing on with projects like this has to be seen as good for local people. In all, the project has a cost of around £8m but should bring long-term benefits to the region, as well as bringing about large profits for the company. After all, it is not as if the business is a charity group but if all sides can benefit from a new casino project, there shouldn’t be anything to worry or complain about.

The new casino is likely to be open 24 hours at the weekend with shorter hours during the week. This means there will be a huge need for shift workers and this is where the local economy could take a great boost. Stockton, like many places, has suffered with unemployment in recent times so being able to bring in so many jobs has to be consider of benefit to the region.

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