Casino staff get to star in new comic strip extravaganza

For people of a certain age, the Comic Strip series of programmes on Channel 4 represented the height of comedy and the blossoming of many great 80s comedy actors. Everyone will have their own favourite when it comes to the series but it is hard to look beyond Bad News. Bad News were the archetypal 80s metal band and the show followed them on the road to stardom and fame. This Is Spinal Tap has taken top billing for this sort of production but the fact that the band made it to the Monster of Rock festival in Donnington indicated that there was something great about it.

Funny people still making a living

However, there was a lot more to it than just one show and great names like Rik Mayall, Jenifer Saunders, Adrian Edmonson, Peter Cook, Keith Allen, Alexei Sayle and many, many more were involved. It wasn’t just for comedians though; unfunny people like Dawn French were also involved in the productions. The passing of time and other productions meant that the Comic Strip has been quiet but plans are underway for a new show, one based upon the former Labour Government, so there is sure to be plenty of scope for comical moments in this show.

There is no love left for Tony Blair

The show will be called ‘The Hunt For Tony Blair’, and alongside classic cast members like Robbie Coltrane and Nigel Planer, some more recent comics like James Buckley, Ross Noble and Catherine Shepherd will be joining in the fun. The cast spend a bit of time filming at the Mint Casino in South Devon and then the Imperial Hotel in Torquay and staff members were utilise as extras. This will hopefully bring an air of realism to the show with genuine casino workers playing the roles that often appear stilted and wooden on television. Not only that but it will give the staff members something to look forward to when TV shows their 15 minutes of fame.

It remains to be seen if this brush with stardom will be enough to make staff members want to turn their back on the glamour of the casino and chase the glitz and glamour of TV stardom. However, getting to meet so many big names in the world of comedy was no doubt a great thrill for the staff and would have been a change from their everyday roles at the casino.

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