Cesc is finally a Barcelona player

It has been one of the longest transfer sagas in football history but finally, Cesc Fabregas has returned home and has signed for Barcelona. The club from the Camp Nou have been one of the most exciting teams to watch in recent years and of course, are the current holders of the Champions League. Fabregas has been a player they have coveted for a number of seasons with even the player looking as though he was desperate to swap London for the Catalan capital. Now that the deal has been concluded, there are a number of questions left to ask.

Will Cesc be an automatic pick?

Firstly, will Cesc go straight into the Barelona team? Given that Barcelona are the team that everyone wants to be like at the moment, it is probably fair to say that they have the players that are doing a good job. Xavi and Iniesta are the current incumbents of where you would expect Fabregas to play and with no disrespect to Cesc, he is not in the class of these two players. With Xavi being a few years older, there is a suggestion that Fabregas is being brought in now to fully blood him as a replacement but with squad rotation these days, there is every chance that Fabregas will feature prominently.
Busquest’s is another player who may be in the firing line of Cesc but again, he is another player that is absolutely integral to the way that Barcelona keep possession. He will not give up his place without a fight and it may be that Fabregas will have to battle hard to become a first team choice in the Catalan line-up. However, there is no doubt that this is a massive capture for Barcelona and a huge loss for Arsenal.

Where now for Arsene and Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has to be praying that Wiltshire and Ramsey finally step up to the plate in the Arsenal midfield. There are serious doubts that Arsenal may drop out of the big four European spots this season because a number of other teams have invested well this summer. An opening day 0-0 draw at St James Park with indiscipline once again rearing its ugly head suggests that the Gunners may be a long way off success this campaign and the pressure is really starting to build on Arsene Wenger. If Samir Nasri also exits the Emirates this summer, it could be a disaster for Arsenal fans.

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