Corinthians pull plug on Carlos Tevez deal

Just when it looked like one of the long running transfer sagas of 2011 was about to be concluded, it was whipped away and the story continues to roll. Carlos Tevez is a fantastic footballer but he doesn’t seem to actually enjoy life and even though he gets paid a lot of money in Manchester, he doesn’t seem to like it. He has been there for a number of years now with United and City but it is perhaps the type of city that drags you down. Not bothering your backside to learn the language is never going to help you settle in somewhere but the grey skies and rain can’t help a boy from Argentina to feel at home.

No direction home for Carlos

This is why Tevez has been moaning about wanting away from Manchester with his young daughters living back home suggesting he wanted a move back. Unfortunately, there isn’t a club in Argentina who could really afford him at the moment but Corinthians from Brazil looked as though they would offer Carlos an escape route. Tevez played for Corinthians before and it isn’t that far from Argentina so it seemed as though this was going to be an option that would please everyone.

Different transfer windows around the world

When the Brazilian club came in with a £40m bid for the player, it seemed that it was close to completion but Corinthians have announced that they have pulled the plug on the deal. The problem lies in the fact that the Brazilian transfer window for signing players from foreign clubs is closing very shortly and Corinthians didn’t believe they had enough time to satisfactorily complete the deal. You can bet there would have been plenty of clauses and negotiation points in a transfer of such magnitude and in this respect, the side probably made the sensible move in deciding that the deal couldn’t be concluded in time.

It is not like they are Arsenal or Chelsea who decide to conclude deals after the window has closed and then pull strings to get them ratified, clearly Corinthians have a bit of honour left about them. So where does this leave Carlos though? Can he sit it out in Manchester and look to move to Brazil in January or can he not bear another moment in that city? If this is the case, he may be desperate to resurrect a move to Madrid or Milan. Neither of these cities will bring him much closer to Argentina but they won’t be Manchester.

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