Djokovic takes first Wimbledon crown

There is no doubt that tennis fans consider the Wimbledon championship to be one of the most special tournaments and it has a huge audience watching around the world. This is why many tennis players, no matter where they hail from, can honestly say they are privileged to win at Wimbledon. This makes the first triumph a very special occasion and Novak Djokovic must be feeling extremely proud of himself at this moment in time.

Even before he stepped on to court to face Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon final, the Serbian knew that come Monday morning, he would be the no.1 ranked tennis player in the world. This is a great achievement but in reality, players would always choose trophies over seedings, even if the ranking is a good thing to look back on and perhaps entice more money from sponsors. However, it was the cup that would have been at the top of Djokovic’s priorities and he didn’t have long to wait to show he determined he was to lift it.

Djokovic was cruising early on

Djokovic quickly raced into a two set lead, 6-4, 6-1 and everything was going his way. Rafa Nadal is one of the toughest opponents you can find on the tennis circuit though and a blistering 3rd set performance saw Nadal rack up a 1-6 win. Going into the fourth set, Djokovic clearly still held the upper hand but his nerves would have been severely tested by this set-back. It didn’t seem to show too much though as the Serbian rallied back and won 6-3, claiming his third set and the championship. With his third Grand Slam title under his belt, following on from two successes in the Australian Open, Djokovic can clearly claim he is the current top tennis player in the world.

Some run of form in 2011

The final was a remarkable achievement, given that it was Djokovic’s 50th win in 51 tennis matches, a frankly astounding run of form and consistency. It was also the fifth time in 2011 that he had defeated Nadal and you get the impression that he has the number of the Spanish superstar. That can all change but at the moment, Djokovic is looking heads and shoulders above his nearest rivals, who are all fantastic tennis players in their own right.

The top names will be looking for a well earned rest after Wimbledon but the beauty about the tennis circuit is that it is never too long until the big action starts again.

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