Does the colour of kit matter?

In the modern sporting world, the need to have a change kit is not so much about the need to keep things clear on the pitch but more about the need to bring money in for sponsors. Football has clearly led the way on this matter with clubs turning to all manner of strange kits in order to bring in additional funds for themselves or their kit manufacturer. Sometimes this causes a problem in finding new colours and patterns with a great example being the case at Liverpool this summer. A new change kit for the Anfield side is always warmly received but the fact that a new strip had an element of blue in it had some fans incandescent with rage.

Moan moan moan as per usual

After all, blue was the colour of Everton but Liverpool historians pointed to the fact that the colour was involved in the initial kits of the club and that fans should get over themselves. Of course, Scousers like the chance to have a moan about everything so it was no surprise to learn that Liverpool fans ignored this advice and started complaining loudly on all forms of social media.

However, it is not just football that has seen teams bring in strange away kits and the latest one has caused uproar in the world of rugby union. News that the English rugby team will have a black away kit has been seen as an insult to the New Zealand team who have traditionally been known as the All Blacks. The thing is though, is it really that much to get upset about?

Colours confuse Jonah

Jonah Lomu has been on record stating that he would find it weird looking at the team and not seeing them in their famous kit. It is not something that should eb said to his face but this would probably suggest that Mr Lomu is not the brightest bulb in the box. Kits don’t really matter too much, it is the players involved and from time to time, there will be a need for teams to wear a change of kit. In the 6 nations event, Scotland, France and Italy all wear blue so there has to be a kit change there. Does Jonah find it weird when one of these teams wears a change of kit? He would find it a lot weirder if no team changed and all the players on the field were wearing similar style kits.

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