Dublin city council still opposes casinos

Although many city councils are open to the idea of casinos in the hope of transforming their economy, it appears this is not something that Dublin local council agrees with. Existing laws in the area prohibit casinos from opening up, although some members club manage to exploit this ruling and there is a strong body in the council who insist that this ruling should remain in place. There is growing opposition to this blanket ban of casinos in the area but for now, the defence appears to be very strong.

One of the things about opposing physical casinos in cities is that it is more likely to lead players to switching to online casinos. There is no reason for the citizens of Dublin to miss out on casino games, even if they are unable to find a suitable venue in their own home town. An online casino may not be able to offer the camaraderie or the eye-candy that is often a major part of the attraction in visiting a physical casino hall but if all you want to do is play casino games, you will be more than satisfied playing at home.

Council authorities have to look at both sides of casino argument

It is obvious that city councils have to look at the big picture and it is fair to say that some people believe that casinos have a negative impact on an area. Some people believe that casinos encourage people to gamble and this can lead to many people ending up in debt. Local authorities also have to contend with the fact that people spilling out onto the streets in the small hours can cause problems for the police and for the cleanliness of the streets.

Casinos can help disperse people

However, many casinos have late licences, allowing the exit of players and members to be staggered, helping to avoid the situation where many people are forced onto the streets at the same time. It is also true to say that many other establishments have a far worse reputation with regards to encouraging fights and rubbish problems than casinos and yet these venues have no problems in obtaining licences and backing from the city council.

There is no doubt a stigma attached to casinos by some people and this is something that needs to be addressed in order for citizens to be rewarded with the casinos they deserve. A good casino can be a great boon to any thriving city, bringing jobs and entertainment for many people in the local region. For now though, this may be a distant dream for many Dublin residents but at least they can always turn to online casino playing if they need to have some gambling fun.

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