Euro Masters of Poker Tour provides another winner

There are obviously a lot of poker tournaments taking place all around the world, which is great because it provides plenty of poker players with the opportunity to hone their skills, find their level and win prizes. Although the major events like the WSOP and the WPT are where all poker players will aspire to, the level of competition at these events is huge. These are the events for the top players around the world and it would be wrong to assume that just because you play a bit of poker and can beat your friends that you can mix it with the players at the top of their game.

If you are serious, it makes sense to play as much online poker as possible and of course, start entering tournaments like the Euro Masters of Poker tour to determine if you can handle the pressure that comes with being involved at the business end of real-life tournaments. Playing at home with friends carries a very different level of pressure than playing in a major tournament a long way from your home!

A big prize for a big player

One person who has shown that they can handle the pressure at the business end of a poker tournament is Abdul Atila Seiar who picked up 65,000 euros after triumphing in the third leg of the current season’s Euro Masters of Poker tour. This tournament has been picking up a lot of praise and kudos in recent times and it is the sort of prize fund that most people would be delighted to get their hands on. The Romanian player certainly deserved his triumph as he overcame over 275 players in the event which was held at the Crystal Crown Casino in Bulgaria.

Even favourites have to see the job through

The final match-up wasn’t as exciting as some games as Seiar was lucky enough to hold a four to one chip advantage over his opponent, Riku Molander from Finland but even then, it still takes a lot of nerve and courage to hold a lead when you are the favourite going into the final head to head. It took 15 hands for Seiar to see out the victory and consign Molander to a pay-cheque of just under 40,000 euros, which again, is not bad for a tournament.

The tournament will next stop off in Dublin at the end of July, which will no doubt provide a fantastic setting for the next leg of the tour.

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