Fintan triumphs at the UKIPT Fringe event

Fintan Triumphs at The UKIPT Fringe Event

The excitement of the festival takes over Edinburgh for the entire month of August but there was an added air of excitement on Sunday night when Fintan Gavin triumphed in the Main Event of the UKIPT event in the Scottish capital. The likeable Irishman is a familiar face for poker followers and he is a very well-known character on the Irish poker circuit, acting as an MC for the Irish Poker tour. This was why so many people were happy to see him hold his never and walk away with the kudos and of course, the cash that goes along with triumphing at such an event.

Overnight chip leads mean nothing

Fintan was the overnight chips leader with around 1.9m but this was to be overtaken dramatically on the Sunday in an intriguing encounter with Jamie Dale, who managed to get his chip count up to 2.2 million, a figure that was close to being a million more than the amount held by Fintan at the time. Many expressed doubt that the overnight leader would be able to bounce back but with a great deal of tenacity and talent, Fintan Gavin once again took to the fore and battled through to the final stages.

Aggressive play doesn’t always win the day

Jamie Dale’s aggressive style of play was to eventually be his undoing and he finished in third place, leaving Fintan to battle it out with Andrew Hawksby. Fintan Gavin held a chips advantage over Hawsby and this allowed the Irishman to bully his opponent over a number of smaller pots, edging him ever closer to the victory which eventually came, providing Fintan Gavin with his first every UKIPT triumph.

A lot of money for a weekends work

Fintan walked away with over £60,000 for his troubles, a great deal of money for a weekend’s work, making his time at the festival more enjoyable than many peoples. You wonder how much of the money Fintan was left with at the end of the night because no doubt he would have picked up a number of new friends and associates that would be more than happy to help him celebrate his winnings. It is usually easy enough to make new friends in Edinburgh during the festival period but an Irishman with over £60,000 in his pocket is never going to be struggling for friends!

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