Game 5 looms in NBA finals

Sometimes it feels as though you can’t please basketball fans and the current NBA Finals are a great example of that. The teams are currently on the edge of playing game 5 in the series and the score currently stands at 2 games all. This is the sort of cliff-hanger ending that fans demand from the NBA Finals but the fact that the games have been so tight has left some fans hoping for some more exciting basketball. When it gets to this stage of the season, it is no surprise to find that a team’s style of play become a little bit edgier and things have been tight between these teams all season.

As close as it has been in generations

If you are looking for a prediction in how the remaining games will go, the bookmakers are fairly confident that the matches will be as tight as the ones in the series so far. For those that love statistics, this series has been the first since the 1940s when three consecutive games in the series have been decided by three points or less. For game 5, the majority of Las Vegas boards are listing the Mavericks as 1.5 point favourites. When it’s tipped to be this close, can you blame fans and players for being cautious about how the Final is going to pan out?

Hard to call this winner even at this stage

Even if you break the games down into quarters, there is still very little to choose between the sides. Heat forward Udonis Haslem was quick to point out that; “We’ve won six quarters, they’ve won six quarters and four quarters have been tied.” There is genuinely so little to choose between the sides that it takes a brave person to put their money where their mouth is but you know what sports betting is like, there always seems to be a lot of brave people around!

The basketball world now knows that the season is set to end in Miami, although at this moment in time, no one can tell if that will be on Sunday or on Tuesday. Two wins in a row for any team would see them hailed the winners on Sunday but if game 5 and 6 are shared between the Mavericks and the Heat, it is all coming down to that final game on Tuesday 14th of June.

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