George from Seinfeld still in WSOP hunt

Apart from the biggest names in the game, it is inevitable that a lot of the focus at the WSOP Main Event will fall on celebrities. The current culture and trend is to see what celebrities are up to and knowing what ones are huge poker fans is always going to be of interest to anyone who an interest in poker. This is why it is great fun to watch these major events and try to pick out big name players when the camera pans around the tables. There have been a number of big name players at the WSOP Main Event but as the event lurches into the final stages, it is good to see that some big names are still there.

George had no luck

When it comes to heroes of American television, it didn’t get much bigger than Seinfeld. The show which was famously about nothing not only made a star out of its main man Jerry Seinfeld and writer Larry David, it also made stars out of the supporting cast. One of the most important characters in the show was George Costanza, who was played by Jason Alexander. George was an unlucky person in the show and anything that could go wrong usually did go wrong to him. George was the character that was most similar to Larry David and therefore is most like the main character from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

When will Jason bow out?

Alexander has of course also been in Curb Your Enthusiasm which featured the strange show within a show reunion of the Seinfeld team. If Alexander carries the same amount of luck that George has, you can expect him to fall short of the money places as this is exactly the sort of thing that would befall George. He would likely be bumped out of the event on a technicality or on a fluke of a hand, so it may be worth watching the event to see if that unfolds.

Away from the celebrity watching, the tournament is still holding up massive interest for poker fans with Ben Lamb being the current leader. The poker player from Tulsa, Oklahoma held 551,600 chips, putting him in a strong position as the event pushes to its conclusion. Holding this sort of position is no indication of going on to win but with previous poker tournament success behind him, Lamb should have nothing to fear about maintaining a lead.

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