Get to play Poker In The Park

The popularity of poker continues to rise and players are always keen to learn new skills or tips on how to become a better player. Everyone has their own style but being able to learn different playing techniques and find out ways to beat your opponent is always going to be of benefit to many poker players. This is just one of the many aspects that will be part of the fun and excitement of the Poker In The Park Event which is scheduled for September in London’s Hanover Square. The event being held close to Oxford Circus in the Mayfair region of the capital is expected to play host to even more people on the 2nd and 3rd of September.

Will Liv be back?

The fact that Liv Boeree was in attendance was never going to damage the numbers of poker players who turned up. After all, she is well respected in the poker community and is perfectly placed to offer advice and information to poker players looking to improve their playing style and skills. And yes, she is fairly easy on the eye, which never hurts! However, that shouldn’t detract from the poker knowledge that Liv has at her disposal and she alongside Neil Channing and Dave ‘The Devilfish’ Ulliot offered a great deal of information to the 20,000 or so guests that attended the event.

Plenty of playing opportunities

For those who are less interested in the advice and more focussed on the playing, there will be three poker domes which will have capacity for 80 players each. This means there will be plenty of opportunities to get some poker action in, which is what the people want. Developing theoretical skills or learning new styles of play is one thing but nothing compares to taking players on. The thrill of competing against other players is always going to be one of the main draws of poker playing and this is what Poker In The Park aims to deliver.

The second annual British Poker Awards will also take place during the weekend, giving players an extra excuse to get glammed up for the occasion. Rewarding hard working people in the industry is all part and parcel of the poker community and the first award ceremony went down extremely well when it was hosted last year. All of which means that if you love poker, London at the start of September is likely to be up your street!

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