Green in the green once again

Although many people view poker as a modern phenomenon, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is fair to say that the ascent of the internet has helped many people develop a love for the game but poker playing has been going on long since before computers got up to speed. This is why a number of poker fans are delighted when some of the great names in the pre-online poker days prove that they can still mix it with the new boys.

This is definitely the case with Perry Green, who shot to prominence in poker over thirty years ago!

This is due to the fact that Green manages to pick up three WSOP bracelets within four years with 1976, 1977 and 1977 being those magical years. Even after the passing of time, Green currently stands tied in 30th place with respect to the all-time winners list at the WSOP. It could have been more wins for Green but in 1981, he finished runner up at the WSOP Main Event. There was certainly no shame in getting so close nor is there any shame in coming second to the legend that is Stu Unger but no doubt Green will class that as the one that got away.

In the money places once again

In 2010, Green competed in the Omaha High-Low event and secured an eight place finish but his recent achievement has certainly ensured he remains on the map in the world of poker. A 17th finish is by no means the greatest achievement in his career, but this placing in the Omaha High-Low Split 8 or Better event, which took place in Las Vegas, saw Green cash in for the 22nd time in his career. The $20,564 that he picked up took his career earnings total to $589,923.

What would Green have earned in the modern era?

By itself this is impressive enough but when you consider that a lot of his earnings were won at a time when poker players received less for playing in tournaments, it starts to add up rather nicely. If Green had been in his peak in the modern era he would have claimed considerably more in his career but it is unlikely he would be willing to change much in his time playing at WSOP events.

It just goes to show that some skills you learn in life can stick with you so even if you are still honing your poker skills, remember there is plenty of time to utilise them.

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