Hamburg man cops major WSOP earnings

Most professional poker players would be happy with a third placed finish at a WSOP event so when that position goes to a police officer from Hamburg, you can only begin to imagine the elation felt by the lucky poker player. There is something special about the way that normal people can make their way into these tournaments and compete with some of the biggest names in the game and yet come out on top. There is a big difference between having a great tournament and being able to compete at the top end time after time which is where the true class of top poker players stand out but on a match by match basis, anything can genuinely happen at the poker table. Which is a reason why so many people are keen to get involved because no one knows who will be the next person to take advantage of the right situation arising.

5 years pay in 4 days is a nice return

Jeffrey Lavelle can definitely look back with pride at his performance at the 42nd annual World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas. With 10 years’ experience of being a police officer in Hamburg behind him, he has no doubt faced some sticky situations and tight moments but few would have equalled the tension he felt in the latter stages of this event. Walking away with over $300,000 is not just a great showing for 4 days work; it is the equivalent of 5 years pay for the police officer. That is the sort of money that every family craves to pick up in less than a week but Lavelle had only set out to have some fun at the event.

Local poker club gave Lavelle the grounding to succeed

Lavelle regularly plays with friends and colleagues at a poker club they set up in Hamburg, the Pour House Poker Club of Hamburg and he and some friends made their way across to Las Vegas to take part in the event. Playing with friends can help you to develop the nuances of the game but playing once a month for a small hand is no real preparation for playing in an event of this magnitude, especially when you make it down to the final four players at the event.

No doubt the other players in the club will be proud of Lavelle but they will definitely be delighted with the fact that their club rules state that 1% of winnings will be allocated to the other members of the club. This will result in a nice little pay-cheque for all of the other members and hopefully inspire other players to aim for the stars at a major WSOP event.

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