Hearts owner mad rant about mafia, crooks, criminals and thieves

Vladimir Romanov, the owner of Hearts Football Club has been known to make some bizarre comments in his time in the Scottish capital but the latest outburst from the club has to be the best yet. The club have released a statement on their statement that is probably one of the most outlandish things you have ever seen on a football club’s website.

The statement rallies against the mafia that have been attacking Hearts and keeping them down with crooks, criminals and thieves preventing the team from reaching their true potential. The statement makes reference to Hearts falling away in the final 12 games of the season with player being unavailable but if this was the fault of anyone, it was the fault of Romanov. It was Romanov who decided that Hearts couldn’t pick certain players for the trip to Ibrox to face Rangers but ensured they returned in time to face Celtic on the Wednesday.

Cocaine shame for midfielder Black

Things really are going from bad to worse at the moment at Tynecastle. Midfielder Ian Black is currently facing cocaine possession charges and the main ire for people at the club at the moment revolves around the fact that they haven’t sacked Craig Thomson. Thomson has recently been placed on the sex offenders list after he was found guilt of inappropriate conduct on the internet to under-age girls. This is clearly behaviour that most organisations would consider worthy of dismissal but the Jam Tarts apparently have no problems in keeping the player at the club.

Thomson is a disgrace

The hilarious thing is that Romanov is blaming former Hearts player Gary MacKay, who acts as an agent for a number of Hearts players, for pulling the strings behind many of the bad things that have happened at the club of late. This is clearly nonsense as it would suggest that MacKay had a level of influence off the field that he lacked on it.

Hearts appear to be a club who are unable to control their players or fans. The club was hit with a record fine from the SFA after yet another season of indiscipline and in May, a Hearts fan got onto trackside and attacked Neil Lennon. It would be easy to say that this is a club that is out of control but with the people at the top so keen to overlook the truth and make excuses for hideous behaviour, is it any surprise to see their players and fans get up to no good?

The hearts support have a repertoire that regularly includes chants about paedophiles and child abuse aimed at opponents so it will be interesting to see how the Gorgie faithful react to one of their own players being on the sex offenders list.

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