Hearts owners once again calls the media monkeys

Vladimir Romanov, the owner of Hearts, has once again come out and made some fantastic comments about the state of Scottish football and the people who make a living writing about it. Not for the first time, Romanov has made reference to the fact that the sports reporters and newscasters in the country are nothing more than monkeys who understand very little about the game. This is certainly no way to make yourself popular with the people that provide news and views on the most important game in the country but it is not really as if Romanov cares about that.

Monkeys didn’t like the fact that Jefferies was sacked

The latest outburst comes after the media were up in arms about Hearts sacking management team Jim Jefferies and Billy Brown from the Tynecastle club. The press were raging because this came after just two league games of the season. Hearts started the season strongly by taking a point at Ibrox and then followed this with an away draw in Europe. However, a 1-0 home defeat against Dundee United appeared to be the final straw. The thing is, even though the new season was just underway, the rolling stats for Hearts indicated that they were a club that won just once in the last 14 games. This is clearly a worrying state for any manager, especially one with the size of squad and money that Hearts have. In the grand scheme of things Hearts are not a rich club but compared to the majority of the SPL, Hearts have a team that should not be having such a bad record.

Jefferies record was abysmal and deserving of being sacked over

In that regard, Vladimir Romanov was perfectly within his rights to remove Jefferies from his duties but the thing is, Hearts brought in a lot of signings over the summer months, which makes the removal of the manager so quickly to be a strange decision. If Vladimir Romanov didn’t fancy Jefferies for this season, would it not have been better to allow the new manager the opportunity to bring these players in? There is still time in the transfer window for new boss Paulo Sergio to bring in players but the current squad size of Hearts is large and there may be a need to shift players out before bringing them in.

Then again, it is not as if much at Tynecastle is based on logic and it will be interesting to see if the new manager can settle into the circus quickly.

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