Hellmuth leading race to be WSOP POTY

There is a long way to go and nothing is certainly won yet but Phil Hellmuth has once again put himself in contention to be crowned the World Series of Poker player of the year. It is an accolade that is worth $25,000 but there is a prestige about the award that is well worth chasing.

At the moment, Hellmuth is ahead of Samuel Stein and John Juanda in the race to be the top player but it may be nagging away at him that so far, these two have managed to snare event wins this season whereas Hellmuth is yet to pick up his first triumph of the campaign.

Chase the bracelets and the rest will follow

Hellmuth has regularly said that in poker events, he chases the bracelets, which is a great attitude to have. There are many different financial placing in a poker event but only person picks up the bracelet. Having this as the ambition for the event means that you are looking to be the best and beat everybody else, which isn’t a bad thing.

After all, Hellmuth has picked up eleven bracelets in his time at the WSOP so he has definitely got something for him. That is far too many bracelets to be able to wear at one time so it is not as if it is a fashion or accessory thing that is driving him but knowing that he has consistently showed the skills to beat his opponents must be a great feeling.

It’s the skills that pay the bills

Not only that but Hellmuth has shown that he has the skills to pay the bills. If you are aiming for a money spot and just miss out, you walk away with nothing. However, if your ambitions are to win the tournament and you fall just short, you are still likely to be in the money. This is another reason why the ambition shown by Hellmuth is extremely important. Can you argue with a poker player who has cashed out 81 times at the WSOP?

Of course you can’t, this is more than any other player and since 1988, Hellmuth has picked up $6.7m for these successes. If up and coming poker players are looking for a role model, they could do a lot worse than selecting this man. However, the success is not just because of a positive attitude; there is undoubted talent in the hands and mind of Hellmuth. In fact, the attitude is probably driven by the fact that he knows how good he is.

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