Irish gaming complex gets planning permission

As everyone is well aware, there is a long way to Tipperary but the journey is going to be very worthwhile for gamers and gamblers after ambitious plans for a new gaming complex were ratified. With funding in place, the backers of these plans are now very confident that the project will be completed, hopefully rejuvenating the area and bringing about huge changes and improvements in the region. It will obviously interest games from all over the nation, which may decide to stay at the massive hotel premises on the complex.

The 500 bed hotel, which will become the largest in Ireland upon completion, is likely to be the setting for many trips with the complex offering everything you could want from a short break or long stay.

No concert hall for the venue

There was some disappointment with the news that a 15,000 concert hall was refused planning permission with the rural nature of the complex being the deciding factor in this decision. It seems that having a large amount of people coming to the complex and then this gig venue on top was too much but all other plans appear to have been ratified.

This means that games in Ireland will be in their element as there should be something to satisfy every type of gambling man or woman in the country. The inclusion of horse and dog racing tracks will ensure that traditional gaming elements are kept in place alongside the more recently popular casinos and poker halls. All of which should ensure that the entire area is set for an overhaul with these ambitious plans.

Local people will benefit

Although there have been obvious dissenters about these plans, the fact that there are likely to be a great number of jobs and investment in the community is ultimately what swung the planning council’s decision. Local authorities have to be careful when it comes to planning permission for gambling complexes but these developments can often bring about huge benefits for the greater good.

Anyone concerned about the number of gaming opportunities being created by the new venture should also look at what else is on offer. A health spa and swimming pool will provide a more healthy element to the complex and there is also a 18 hole golf course and equestrian centre for visitors to enjoy. The golf course is likely to be a major attraction for visitors and the signs are definitely looking positive for the Tipperary Venue.

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