Is the UK government ready to act on online bingo?

Most people find that online bingo is a great way for them to pass some time. After all, there is the chance to win some money but there is also the fact that people can chat with friends and make new friends by having some fun. The fact that a great number of online bingo providers provide free games, penny games and 2p games for their members also ensures that bingo players do not have to spend too much money in order to have a great time in a thriving community.

Should the government get involved?

However, not everyone is impressed with online bingo and there is speculating mounting that the UK government is about to step in and make some changes to the way the industry run. There is a lot of opportunity for freedom in the online bingo industry at the moment and it is said that the government is looking to crack down on many providers. Some people view online bingo sites as harmless fun but others view them as key factors in people getting into more debt.

TV adverts may be reduced

One possible plan of action that the UK government may take is to reduce the number of television adverts for bingo companies. There is a great deal of debate over how this will be implemented or indeed, how severely it will be implemented but a reduction in TV ads will impact on a number of companies. Bingo sites like Foxy Bingo and Jackpotjoy owe a great deal of their success and popularity to featuring on the TV but many smaller bingo sites have also used adverts to promote their companies. There is talk that the restriction may only be placed on companies who are based outside of the UK but if so, this means the biggest issue the government has is not recouping taxes.

It would be a fairly bold move if these restrictions were placed on firms that provide no taxes to the British government and people but adverts were available for firms that do pay taxes. If this was the case, legal objections and cases would surely follow. This may mean there needs to be a re-think on the strategy involving TV adverts but the reforms are not likely to end there. The news that the government is set to look at online bingo is not all bad news but as usual, it is likely that the players will be the ones to miss out.

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