Is there room for more poker?

The popularity of poker is such that it is easy to see why there are a great number of tournaments and events taking place all throughout the year. The WPT and WSOP sit at the top of the poker playing tree but there is no doubt that there are many more options for poker players to enjoy and play with as well. The UKIPT and EPT are just two other major tournaments which can draw big name players and make poker more available to everyone. Some people will be of the opinion that there will eventually be a plateau but others will think that this always room for one more…

Will this be an epic poker league?

This is the attitude that the people behind the Epic Poker League will be hoping prevails in the world of poker but if anyone knows what they are talking about, it may well be these organisers. The Epic Poker League is being organised by Jeffrey Pollack, a former major player at the WSOP and Annie Duke. They are looking forward to launching the new event in August which may well add another bit of excitement and razzle dazzle to the poker calendar. With over 200 invites sent out to some of the biggest names in poker, there are high hopes that some major names will turn up to give the fledgling company a major boost when it comes to promotion.

Big name players can boost the profile of the league

The opening events in the Epic Poker League include a $20,000 buy-in; pro-am events, charity tournaments and even a free rake Main Event. With so much competition involved, there is definitely a need for the EPL to make the poker world sit up and take notice and as many poker sites have found in the past, the use of big name poker players may be the way to win people over.

Names like Erik Seidel, Phil Ivey, Phil Helmuth, Tomm ‘Durr’ Dwan, Sam Trickett, Barry Greenstein and Roland de Wolfe are al being lined up to take part in the tournament. Poker players can probably expect to see a lot more promotional material for the new company coming their way in the build up to the August launch and if that gives players more free games or chances to play poker, it is likely to go down well with the poker loving masses.

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