Is Vietnam set to gamble on casinos?

The arguments for and against the introduction of casinos are wide and varied and could take up days of time debating the merits of either side. No matter what the strong economic argument is, some people will always be against the introduction of more casinos because of their views on gaming and gambling. People are entirely welcome to their opinions and there needs to be limits put in place to safeguard people and finances but on the whole, most governments and authorities are coming round to the idea that the introduction of casino play can bring financial rewards in a  country or region.

The emergence of online casino sites has allowed people to experience the thrill of playing and the chance to win some money. However, there is definitely an added dimension of the social aspect that playing in a real live casino brings and this means there is always a desire to spend money in this form of environment. This is why even with the huge array of online casinos, there is going to be a demand to play in a physical casino. This is something that can tip the tide of popular opinion towards introducing legalised casinos.

Is Vietnam thawing with regards casinos?

The government in Vietnam has always spoken out and advised against “social evils”, which they include prostitution, alcoholism and illegal gambling and are showing a lot of caution and restraint about introducing casinos across the country. However, it has always been possible to find a location where real gambling is allowed, commonly referred to without using the word casino but things may start to look a little different in Vietnam in the next few years.

MGM is making a move

Two massive casino projects are heading for Vietnam in Ho Tram, a beach strip that is located less than 100 miles away from Ho Chi Minh City. The fact that one of the casinos will carry the MGM Grand name should ensure that no one can shy away from the act that casino play will definitely have arrived in Vietnam. The initial plans for the MGM Grand Casino in Vietnam include just under 100 gambling tables and around 1,000 slot machines.

The new casinos will no doubt be hugely popular with foreigners, tourists and ex-pats who live in the country but it remains to be seen whether the locals take to casino play with any great excitement.  At the very least, it is hoped that a number of jobs will be created to boost the local community.

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