Jonathan Epstein is a lousy poker player

Most people love winning poker players even though there is often a touch of jealousy at the players who walk away with the money. Everyone wants to win at poker so while the losing or non-playing players can think about what might have been, there is usually a level of respect for those players who walked away with the money.

Respect has to be earned

This level of respect was not afforded to Jonathan Epstein, who took the decision to enter into a Ladies No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament. Epstein made it to the final table and walked away with over$13,000. He also walked away with abuse ringing in his ears but some people can live with it/ Epstein may also view himself as a sexual pioneer, breaking down the barriers of inequality with his skilful poker play and avoidance of the cat calls. Other people just think that he made himself look like an idiot.

Skills are not all that make a man

So yes, Epstein did well enough to finish among the money so it is wrong to call his poker skills lousy as that is certainly not the case. However as a human being, it wouldn’t be too far to call into question his morals and beliefs, because what he did was just not right. The statistics of female players in the major poker tournaments, a predominantly male environment let’s remember, is extremely low so it is good to have these events where women can pit their skills against each other and give themselves a chance of developing confidence.

There is no doubt that the fact that online poker has gotten so popular has boosted the confidence of women. Anyone can create an online persona to hide behind and dish out the insults, which is often part of the game of the poker. Poker is definitely a game that is played in the head and it is important for players to develop this mentality as well. In time, it would be hoped that the major poker tournaments are filled with a better mix of men and women but you only have to look at the number of poker bracelets and tournaments won by female players to indicate that there is an inequality in the market. These events provide a chance for players who rarely get to experience the tension of a final table to do just that on an even footing but some people just can’t be seen to let that happen.

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