Leith bingo club encourages bingo and smoking

The smoking ban has had a huge impact on many bingo halls across Europe and many have cited this legislation as a reason for clubs shutting down. Some players will no longer to bingo halls because they are not able to smoke within the premises and this has seen many clubs take a hit when it comes to takings. A number of clubs have introduced smoking shelters in an attempt to ensure that smokers are able to smoke in comfort when they are out for an evening but this is far from an ideal solution. Unless there are lengthy gaps between the bingo games, many people will be unable to combine smoking and playing over the course of the night. Also, if there are lengthy gaps, the bingo hall will make less money so it is easy to see why there is a conflict of interest between the parties here.

They have a lust for life in Leith

The Mecca Bingo hall in Leith in Edinburgh may just have come up with a solution that allows smoking bingo players to fulfil both of their main needs. In the smoking shelter area of the club, players will be provided with handheld devices that allow them to play the game alongside the players who are still indoors. Providing smokers with the same bingo playing opportunities as the rest of the players is bound to be a massive hit and could well see the club take a number of bingo players from other clubs in the local region. It is easy to see that the Mecca Bingo hall has played a blinder with this innovation and it is likely to make them the toast of Leith Walk and all surrounding areas.

This move will benefit many in Leith

Given the social and economic situation in Leith, a mixture of old and new, rich and poor, there are a lot of bingo players in the area and they tend to be in the demographic that smokes. This new move is fitting perfectly with the local demographic and is likely to be a major success for the firm. After the buyout of The Rank group by Guoco, there have been fears about the future of the Mecca group but moves like this are highly innovative and should see the company continue to impress financially and emotionally with local bingo players.

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