Leo Boxell is the Melbourne poker king

One of the best things about poker is its universal appeal and the fact that no matter where you go in the world, there are likely to be people who share your interest and love for the game. There are always likely to be local variations of the game but when it comes to the major events, the same rules apply to the games, which mean that everyone can be sure that they are competing on a fair and equal level. This means that no matter where you travel, you should be okay to enter into a poker match with the locals and stand a chance of showing off your skills.

Big prize taken by the big man

The European Poker Tour has been doing extremely well in recent times but Europe is not the only continent around the globe that has its own poker tournament. Asia has a huge love for poker and the Asian Poker tour is hotly contested. The weekend just passed saw the first PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event take place and the winner walked away with over 300,000 Australian dollars as their reward. The big prize went to 69 year old Leo Boxell, who proved once again that poker does not have to be a game that only young men excel at. There are a lot of great poker players out there who have a wealth of experience under their belt and Leo used every inch of this experience to ensure that he walked away from the event with the prize that everyone was looking to win.

A lot of players competing for the prize

With over 260 players from 18 countries in total competing for the top prize, Boxell’s achievements are certainly worth celebrating and the winnings take him to nearly 1m AUD for total career earnings. Boxell has been a regular big name player on the Australian poker circuit and many were delighted to see him clinch the win. This placed Boxell at the top of the ANZPT Player of the Year leader board, something which a great number of players take as seriously as their winnings.

Further joy for Australia came from the fact that second place in the tournament fell to Phillip Willcocks from New Zealand. Australians love getting one over their Kiwi counterparts and the 1-2 finish will definitely have raised some smiles for Australian people.

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