Live dealers becoming ever more common on casino sites

The technology involved with online casinos has developed greatly in recent years and the most up to date sites are largely unrecognisable from the initial casino sites that were founded. More and more sites are finding new ways to entice members to join up and to make the online casino experience more enjoyable and realistic. One of the most popular ways that casino sites are taking advantage of improving technologies is with providing live casino dealers.

This technology has been in the news recently with Betfair Casino being the latest casino site to go down this route. The site has selected a number of actual casino dealers from genuine casinos around Europe, helping to recreate that authentic casino feeling no matter where you are.

Casino sites means that everyone can enjoy the fun

There is no doubt that casino sites provide great convenience and comfort for users but they have been sometimes criticised for the lack of authenticity of the site. Although winning in a casino is an important reason to play, there is a social and community aspect that can be very appealing for casino players.

Betfair Casino hopes that this live offering will help persuade more casino players to use the online facility as an alternative to using a real casino. The fact that genuine casinos and dealers will be used in the offering will appeal to players who have been to these casinos and to those who are interested to see a real casino dealer in action.

Innovation has always been the way with Betfair

The Betfair range of sites has always been one of the most innovative sites in the world of online gaming and led the way in the world of betting exchanges. The Betfair Casino site may be closer to traditional casino sites than the Betfair site is to traditional betting sites but innovation is still at the forefront of what the company offers.

Some players may not be too bothered by the increase of the casino sites that provide a live dealer but it could be very helpful in encouraging new online casino users. It is only natural that people who are comfortable with physical casino halls or who are not overly confident with computers may feel apprehensive about using an online casino site. Some people may think that a casino site has more odds stacked against the user but the introduction of a live dealer makes it feel more honest and genuine. If anything helps to promote the reliability and fairness of a casino site for users, it has to be considered and this is something that live dealers provide on sites.

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