Loaded jumps on the casino bandwagon

It seems a very long time since the mid-1990s heyday of Britpop music and the return of lad culture. The late 80s and early 90s saw women becoming empowered and many men were left feeling that they had been left behind in the power and respectability stakes. This of course was nonsense but when Oasis came swaggering into view with a tremendous debut album and the sound of a band who knew how to drink, party, pull and kick a ball, it was suddenly fashionable to be a lad once again.

Booze, balls and birds was the mantra

There were many spin-offs from this new wave but one of the most notable, alongside the career of Chris Evans had to be the ascent of Loaded Magazine. Loaded billed itself as the magazine for lads that should know better and it delivered a very simple approach to magazine life. Jokes, fashion, style, interviews with top men and of course, lots of pictures of females, some famous, some not, in not a lot of clothing. Nothing too risqué that would place it on the top shelves but definitely enough to indicate that this was a magazine for the lad about town.

Times move on

Times change and like fashion and people’s outlook on life, some things fall in popularity. Lad culture, although still around, is nowhere near as popular as it once was and many people would be surprised to see Loaded Magazine still operating. From the looks of it, the magazine hasn’t changed too much and you can still expect swearing, football, beer and pretty ladies not wearing a lot of clothes to be inside the magazine every month. However, the mag does appear to be moving with the times as they have announced that they are jumping on the online casino bandwagon.

Yes, surfing to the Loaded website will give you the chance to head directly to the new casino site, which apart from the logo at the top and a plain background, looks no different from any other casino site out there. You’d at least expect some sort of link to the magazine but it seems that they think that the name alone will be enough to entice punters to the site. There is no doubt that the readership of Loaded Magazine provides great potential for a casino site but on first glance, the site appears to be a bit lazy and without any major link to the name.

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