Online bingo sites never miss a trick

With so many online bingo sites to choose from, a bingo player may have great difficulties in choosing which one to use as their main site. This is why so many online bingo sites indulge in heavy promotional activities to win people over. As there are millions of online bingo players in the UK, it is a big market to be in and although there are plenty of players for all the sites to have a share of the UK wide market, it is inevitable that some sites will want a large piece of the action.

Are you Foxy?

One of the sites that promotes more heavily than the rest is Foxy Bingo. The site and more commonly its main mascot character, Foxy, have been a regular feature on UK televisions in recent years. The appearance of Foxy was commonly seen during advertisement breaks but the character was also heavily involved in the sites sponsorship of the Jeremy Kyle show. This was an important tie up for the company with parallels drawn between the viewers of the show and the people that the site were wanting to attract to their bingo site. Foxy is therefore one of the most recognisable characters of the online bingo era.

The site also engages in a lot of promotional material on site as well, providing players with a huge incentive to come back to the site on a regular basis. This ties in with a promotion that is currently available on the site which taps into another love affair of the British population, betting on the Grand National.

The Grand National is a big draw

Even people who do not place a bet for the rest of the year are tempted by the biggest horse racing event of the year and even to this day this is one of the biggest bookmaking days of the year. There is also the traditional Grand National sweepstake being held in offices and bars up and down the country and this is where Foxy Bingo have joined in the Grand National fun.

In the spirit of the betting experience, Foxy Bingo are placing all of their members who input their details onsite into a sweepstake draw. Every member who enters the competition will be allocated a horse running in the Grand National and there is a £1,000 to be shared out between the people whose allocated horse is the winner.

There are also shares in smaller prizes available for people whose horse just misses out on the top prize. Given that this is likely to be quite a popular promotion, the share of the winnings may not be a lot of money but any win is better than nothing. Many people like to have a horse in the sweepstake because it gives them a horse to cheer on during the race. As any gambler will tell you, sporting events are a lot more interesting when there is money riding on it.

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